Yogurt, Kefir and Vegan Starter Cultures for Home Preparation
Free Shipping to USA, Canada, UK and Europe when buy for £30
Free Shipping to USA, Canada, UK and Europe when buy for £30


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Bulgarian Yogurt ready
Bulgarian Yogurt ready

Some reasons to make FRESH YOGURT AND KEFIR at home

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The yogurt really helps me with maintaining my weight. It tastes very good too!

Cynthia D.

Already lost a few kilos since a started using this 2 months ago! Very helpful.

John C.

I currently focus a lot on living healthy. The yogurt really is a great help! Recommend it to anyone.

Joseph F.

This product is the best solution for eating healthy while having a busy life. It gives me energy, maintains my health, and tastes lovely.

Jennifer B.

Every morning I have is awesome since I started with this tasteful yogurt. I can recommend it to literally anyone!

Michael J.

The yogurt gives me energy and keeps my healthy at the same time. Exactly what I need in my life!

Rose F.

Used them recently and made a very good batch of yogurt. It set quite well, tasted great. Followed the instructions on packaging exactly. Using these is a sure way of avoiding sugar and other crap find their way into your yogurt and also having actual live good bacteria.

Andy D.

Very easy to use. Produces good tasting creamy yoghurt. good delivery

Hana E.

I have used one sachet and have done one re-culture, both with great success. The kefir has worked wonders for my gastric reflux 

Giacomo A.